Colorectal Surgery


Anal disorders are the most common - statistically - disorders and it's estimated that all human beings will some time during their life will suffer from that.

Anal disorders affect people's routine, individual hygiene, sexual activities while they have a great impact on patients' psychology.

The most common disorder is hemmorhoids - i.e. varicosities or swelling, and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus.

Surgical techniques caused severe and painful postoperative experiences in the past. Nowadays, colorectal surgical techniques have been extremely improved, lessening postoperative pain and hospital stay!

Ultrasound, lasers and Longo surgical technique are now used for the majority of colorectal surgical treatment.

Patients' postoperative experience is related to surgeon's experience and knoweledge in the most advanced techniques.

Most common colorectal surgical disorders include:

Anal Fissures: Laser surgical treatment that lasts a few minutes is now used. The patient's hospital stay is limited to an hour after surgery completion and the patient may immediately return to his/her routine activities.

Hemmorhoids: Longo surgical technique accompanied by laser or U/S applications is now used. The patient is advised to stay for one day at the hospital.